Los Banos Chevy Dealership

Even if you might be searching for a dealership in Los Banos, we are really just a quick drive away in Chowchilla.

Why Try Our Dealership?

When you’re finding your dream vehicle, you really do deserve to comparison shop – especially when it’s on the internet! Of all the Los Banos car dealers, we think we’re the top spot. The significance of locating a trustworthy car lot a short distance away is far greater than the amount of money you might lose getting stuck in a vehicle or financing you are not satisfied with. Everybody knows gas prices are high, yet finding a good dealer is definitely well worth the trouble – you’ll be happy you took the time shopping around. Put your confidence in the excellent people at Steves Chevrolet of Chowchilla to give you great customer service at a fair price. With the kinds of deals we provide, we may as well be your local Los Banos Chevrolet dealer!

We are in the business of creating life-long customers. We know there may be closer dealerships in Los Banos, but we truly would like to earn your business so the next time you may need a Los Banos Chevrolet dealership, we are your very first pick! We may sell cars, yes, yet we’re around to make folks happy. Regardless of what your need – whether it’s a used or new vehicle, high value on a trade-in, speedy services such as an engine oil change, or an outstanding financing deal – we will make it work for you. Returning customers are vital to the success of our business, and we plan to do anything within our power to make you a returning customer too. Nobody knows who said it, but talk is cheap. Give us a call at (559) 201-8813 or drive on over and allow us to show you actions that speak louder than words.

Chevrolet Silverado

The Silverado really is a beautiful automobile, and one of our best sellers. High performance meets dependability, our customers are always pleased with their purchase. We have got loads of Chevrolet Silverado vehicles for show on our Chowchilla location. Just click the Silverado image on the right to check out what we have available at this time. Help make 2013 an incredible one with a brand new vehicle. If you like the Silverado, come test drive it today! Give us a call at (559) 201-8813 and we’d be happy to work with you.

Chevrolet Traverse

When considering reliability, the Chevrolet Traverse has it topped. This really is a great car to take a closer look at this year. With the help of all of the awesome financing deals coming from the manufacturers, the Traverse could well be yours for cheaper than you’d think. You will never know if you don’t come down to Steves Chevrolet of Chowchilla and inquire. Our helpful staff will explain all you should know about the Traverse or any other Chevrolet vehicles. We’ll help get in a Traverse today!