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More than 40% of U.S. households own pets. It’s only fair to have a vehicle that can accommodate you and your pet’s needs. The first vehicle feature that’s important for dog-friendly vehicles is its shape. Boxed-shape vehicles are best because it gives you enough room for your pup and the crate if needed.
If you have more than one dog, you’ll need a full-size vehicle. Vehicles that have third-row seating is an excellent option because you have ample space for your dogs and their belongings. If your furry friends travel without crates, you can still keep them safe using a safety harness. Third-row and full-size vehicles give you the space you need to spread the dogs out, so they aren’t cramped and able to enjoy the ride.
If you travel with your dog using crates, you’ll need a vehicle that offers sturdy tie-downs. Having these tie-downs work in the same ways as it would a child’s car seat. In the event of a car accident, these tie-downs prevent your dog’s crate from moving and becoming a projectile.

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