May 29th, 2020 by

You may love the color, technology, and performance of your car. However, it is important that you know your car inside and out. Not only is this important in case your car shuts down on you in the middle of nowhere, but this is also important so you can make sure the mechanic you see fixes the car correctly.
One important thing to know about your car is that is can leak several different liquids, which include but are not limited to water, motor oil, and power steering liquid. Water leaks from the air conditioner, and this usually occurs on a very hot/humid day. Motor oil is a dark brown liquid; you can tell it’s motor oil liquid because a puddle of liquid will be left on the ground under where your engine is placed. A power steering leak is tricky because it is seen in the toughness of the steering wheel. Once your steering wheel no longer turns smoothly, you most likely have a power steering liquid leak.

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